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Interview with The Scotsman

I did an interview with The Scotsman's Chitra Ramaswamy. It is one of the most fun interviews I've had in a long time. And it features one of my favorite quotes I've ever said.

"I think there is an element of racism in even listening to the Tea Party - it's like 'these white people are upset! We'd better hear what they have to say!' Meanwhile the Black Panthers had to get guns to be heard."

I think I like this interview so much because she took everything I said and then re-calibrated it make it more British-y, which makes me sound more intelligent to me... because I'm a self-hating American.


Get a FREE Download of my CD AND do some good!

So you wanted my critically acclaimed CD, Face Full of Flour, for a while now but the current economy has made it such that you couldn't scrape together the ten bucks. Well, I understand so I have partnered with the awesome racial justice organization Colorlines to come up with a way for you to get my CD FOR FREE and do some good. Just click here (or the image above) and you can be whisked to fill out a short survey. In the process you will be helping them figure out ways make the world a better place. You know you wanna.

It's a win, win! I want you to have my CD. You want to have my CD. And we both want the world to be a mo' better place. Enjoy!

My London Debut on 5 April. YIKES! I need your help.

So my UK debut is fast approaching and I'm still kind of confused why my first set EVER in the UK will be an hour long stand-up set in London, but here we go. I could really use the help of YOU, my United States peoples, who have peoples in London who might be interested in some Kamau and my Kamauhour! (Say it put loud. It's fun.)

The details are below and you can download this flier if you wanna ship it to your peoples across the pond. Here is a Facebook invite too if you go that way.

Also, there's a clip below of my stand-up so they can check me out. Thanks.

I've even included a sample letter to help get you started.


Hey Friend (or other synonym here... maybe even their name),

I think you should go see my friend W. Kamau Bell when he comes to London and plays Hen & Chickens Theatre on Tuesday, 5 April. Kamau is hilarious (or other synonym here). He's been named San Francisco's best comedian three times. America's Punchline Magazine declared, One of our country’s most adept racial commentators with a blistering wit and a willingness to say what you quickly realize you’ve always thought." And Robin Williams called him "ferociously funny." This is his first time in the UK, so treat him well. He's a delicate flower. See a clip of him here.

You can also follow him on Twitter and here is the Facebook invite.


(Insert your name here.)

Happy Birthday to me?

It's my birthday this week and once again the universe wants to let me know EXACTLY what I am worth.

$2.27??? COME ON! It was named one of 2010 top ten CD's on BOTH iTunes and Punchline Magazine!!!

So if you bid on it and win it, I'll flood* you with some sort of currently undecided WKB Prize Package.

Last time one of my CD's ended up on eBay, it was won by Marco Lamas, and now we are the best of friends.**

So give me an early b-day present, click the pic above, and rescue my CD from the Internetic cut out bin.


* The concept of "flood" is subjective.

** The term "best of friends" is in the eye of the beholder, but we did recently hang out in NYC at a Vernon Reid gig.

Christine Taylor's Top 5 Last Minute Gifts for Comedy Lovers

Here are my Top 5 picks for pretending like you planned ahead while still giving a thoughtful gift that comedy fans will completely love. Also, these downloads are a therapeutic way to get through holiday travel and long family gatherings.


Kamau's gem of an album mixes race, politics, and pop culture into 44 minutes of straight-up funny. Face Full of Flour is also in iTunes' and Punchline Magazine's Top 10 for 2010. I think he's 5 better, but still ... those lists are pretty damn impressive. DOWNLOAD

Go to Christine's Blog to see the rest of the Top 5! It includes Marc Maron, Paul F. Tompkins, Comedy Death Ray, & Jimmy Pardo.

Episode 7 - N Bombs, Kamau Bombs & Vernon's Smart Bombs

In the tradition of epic filmmaking & epic story telling, Kamau has one doozy of story to tell about his last three weeks. And in classic FNGTAC fashion, Vernon takes the conversation waaaaaaaaay off road in a beautiful way. This episode features several epic battles of Good vs. Evil: Kamau vs. Sacramento, Kevin Avery vs. Hollywood, Vernon vs. Hip Hop, Vernon vs. Quentin Tarantino, and even Vernon vs. Apollo Creed(?). And during this epic tale Vernon & Kamau finally have the N Word conversation, and we're not talking about Zen meditation. It took seven episodes for these two black guys to have that conversation. WOW! Maybe instead, they are actually "Far Afield Negroes". This one also features a surprise ending which portends good things to come, and also we finally get to find out exactly what percentage of Vernon that Kamau is. May the force be with them!

Connect with Vernon on Facebook, Twitter @vurnt22, and www.livingcolour.com

Connect with Kamau on Facebook, Twitter @wkamaubell, and www.wkamaubell.com

And you can connect with the Podcast on Twitter @ThatFNGuide


I'm #35!!!

I just checked over at iTunes to see... Well, I pretty much look over there several times a day to see if anybody has rated my CD's or podcast or to see if anything like this has happened. It's a fool's errand 99.9% of the time, but today, YAHTZEE!

Thank you to YOU for helping my CD rocket UP the charts. I'm top 40 now. Time to get some leather pants... and one of those JLO hats... and Lil Wayne will of course have to guest on my next CD. So much to do.

Listen my FULL interview on Forum! #GreatestInterviewEver

This was the best radio interview I've ever done. Mostly because it was an hour focused all on ME! Dave Iverson, the host, asked probing and intelligent and thoughtful questions... which is certainly not always the case for radio. Afterward, I met all the black people at KQED... three. (Just kidding... I met three but I saw five.) It was a lot of fun... the second half many people called in and they were all cool. Enjoy. And I understand if you don't have enough interest to take the whole hour of KAMAU! It was like Frost/Nixon... but less jowl-ly and confrontational.


W. Kamau Bell

Fri, Dec 17, 2010 -- 10:00

Download audio (MP3)

San Francisco-based comic W. Kamau Bell is known for telling the very first joke about President Obama on Comedy Central, when he memorably predicted in 2005 that Obama was not going to win the election. Bell joins us in the studio for a conversation on humor, and race.

Bell has been named best San Francisco comedian by 7x7 Magazine, The San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. His new comedy album "Face Full of Flour" made the iTunes list of best comedy albums of 2010 -- and he's performing at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco on New Year's Eve.

Host: Dave Iverson


  • W. Kamau Bell, San Francisco-based comic

My CD Face Full of Flour in iTunes 2010 Top Ten Comedy CD!

Don't believe me? Look below...

WOW! That's all I can say is, "WOW!" Two Top Ten Lists in one week! And to think I woulda been happy with zero. Weird.

Thanks to Jordan Davidoff at iTunes. And also thank you to Annie O'Rourke and the gang at RooftopComedy.com.


According to Punchline Magazine, my latest CD, Face Full of Flour is #7 of 2010's 10 Best Comedy Albums!!!! Woooohoooooooooo!

Which begs the question... WHY DON'T YOU HAVE IT YET???

You can get it if you click right next to this blog. Look to the right of where you're reading now.

Don't believe I'm #7? See below OR click here to read the entire list. Many of my friends are on it, like Glenn Wool & Hannibal Buress, and Kyle Kinane.


#7 – W. KAMAU BELL – FACE FULL OF FLOUR W. Kamau BellThough not everyone knows it quite yet, San Francisco-based W. Kamau Bell is one of our country’s most adept racial and political commentators; he’s got a blistering wit and a willingness to say what you quickly realize you’ve always thought. He’s relentlessly intelligent, fusing references to create a rich expression of incredulity in a post-Obama world. Note to working comedians: despite what’s been said time and again, it’s possible make fun of our current president and mean it. Kamau is an Obama supporter but deftly takes the piss out of him when necessary. And all of that is there for us to play – and re-play – on Face Full of Flour, a masterful, thinking man’s album. Buy Face Full of Flour

Some new stand-up!

Enjoy! & Let me know what you think...

And if you like it then pick up a copy of my CD Face Full of Flour for the holidays. They make great Secret Santa presents for that racist at work! Or a great present from Hanukkah Harry. Or for Kujichagulia (That's Kwanzaa!) Or for (next) Ramadan! It's also a prefect to wrap up you early Lohri (Hindu) shopping because it's BLAZING HOT! We got my album in digital OR real-ical.

Guess who won The SF Bay Guardian's BEST COMEDIAN!!!

Umm... It was ME! The best part is that it was the READER'S CHOICE! Right between BEST BURLESQUE & BEST MAGICIAN! (Which is kinda what a comedian is. We strip naked and try to make magic happen while people laugh.)

So I that means I owe thanks all to YOU! Or people very much like you...if you, yourself didn't vote.

I assume that some of you coming to my page are trying to get acquainted with whoever this "W. Kamau Bell" person is, so here's quick primer...

Margaret Cho said about me...

“W. Kamau Bell is the most important guy doing comedy right now. Do yourself a favor and go see him. He’s got the most astute, hilarious and completely righteous material going and he’s going to be a legend in his own lifetime like Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce. Think Bill Hicks but slightly taller.”

I'm on Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube. Look to the right side of this page --->

Here's a link to buy my NEW critically acclaimed comedy CD and a clip of my stand-up, followed by a list of upcoming shows!

And here is a list of upcoming shows...

August 13 - The W. Kamau Bell Curve @ UCB in LOS ANGELES 8pm

August 20 - The W. Kamau Bell Curve @ The Comedy Spot in SACRAMENTO BRING A FRIEND OF A DIFFERENT RACE & GET IN 2for1! (Seriously!) 2 shows 8 & 10pm

August 26 - Laughter Against The Machine @ The New Parish in OAKLAND 2 shows 7:30 & 10pm

August 28 - W. Kamau Bell @ Stage Werx in SAN FRANCISCO 8pm

Hope to see you out there soon!

& Now for something completely different A WKB CONTEST!!!

Hello people!

So I'm trying something new at WKB Industries. I'm working hard to get people to come out to my NYC shows, so instead of just asking (ummm... begging) for your help. I thought I'd make it a little more fun for you! A CONTEST!!! If you tweet about my upcoming shows in NYC, you can win a copy of my new cd, Face Full of Flour, autographed by yours truly with some other swag thrown in for fun (stickers and maybe even an inappropriate picture or two). All you have to do is talk about my shows on Twitter (using the hashtag #TheCurve) and a link to my Facebook invite (http://ow.ly/1KjHJ). I’ll choose a winner at random on May 24, once the shows are over!

A few rules:

  1. You MUST include the #WKBCurve hashtag and the link http://ow.ly/1KjHJ for your entry to count.
  2. You DON’T have to say how funny and mind-blowing the show is, but it is encouraged. :)
  3. Only one tweet per day will count. We don’t want to spam all of your followers.
  4. Please mention me too if you have space: @WKamauBell
Here’s a one hundred and forty character example:

NYC! @WKamauBell Curve – Ending Racism in About an Hour is in NYC. Bring a friend of a diff race get in 2For1 http://ow.ly/1KjHJ #WKBCurve

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or my other people: info at whitesmithent dot com.

Thank you for all of the support!


An AWESOME Review of my CD from Punchline Magazine!

W. Kamau Bell: Face Full of Flour

by Tom Keller

One of the risks you always run as an Oreo is someone giving you an overly ethnic gift that is hard to justify turning down. Such was the case with the CD with which I was gifted before my flight: W. Kamau Bell’s Face Full of Flour.

At first, I was excited, thinking that maybe this was related to The Bell Curve–a book that is essential reading for an Oreo thanks to its assertions about race and intelligence. **

But ’twas not my fortune. Turns out it was a comedy CD by a black guy. Obviously, I proceeded with caution. The last thing I needed anyone in the airport to hear bleeding from my earbuds was a Chris Rock-esque rant. The airport security scanner may not have gone off when my bag went by on the belt, but my Oreo scanner sure did!

Oreo Approved!

I would have kept it in its place in the bag, except that the inflight movies were all things I had seen a million times. Neverwas, Sound of Music, Match Point. I wanted something new to keep me company.

And so I listened.

And laughed. A lot.


Scary moment, my friends.  And one that I highly recommend. I mean, how could I stop listening when I heard what he had to say about Tyler Perry, what his wife looks like and his justification for looser gun control??

You can find Face Full of Flour on itunes and Amazon. Get it and listen. Not only because it’s super hilarious funny, but also because if enough non-colors check it out, it definitely won’t be seen as an of color collectable and I can continue to enjoy it unafraid.

**W. gets points actually for having created a show called “The W. Kamau Bell Curve” that you should also check out if you can!


Boots Riley & an unnamed guitar player. So the hits keep on rolling in. Legendary MC Boots Riley of The Coup ANNNNNNNNNNNNND Street Sweeper Social Club who just Facebooked all about me and my new CD Face Full of Flour. I've pretty much decided that if I can't get my CD to sell, I'm at least gonna get it in the hands of the people who I think would dig it. ANd Boots is DEFINITELY one of those people.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to Boots himself (umm... at least his Facebook page)

"Alright, everyone. All at once now. Go to Itunes and download W. Kamau Bell's new comedy album- Face Full Of Flour. Hilarious, with somethin' to say about the world. You like comedy? You like Dave Chapelle? You like Black People? You'll love this shit." --- Boots Riley, Street Sweeper Social Club

Well from the man who wrote "99 Ways to Kill a CEO" and "Fight, Smash, Win!", these are mighty words, so if I were you I'd quickly do what he said.

Although, feel free to get it from iTunes OR Amazon... That is unless you hate black people.

Now THIS is coooooooooool!

Living Colour's Vernon Reid I just received one of the coolest things ever and it's not even my birthday.

And it is all thanks to mofunkin' Twitter.

"W. Kamau Bell is in the vanguard of a new era of American comedy for an unsettling, troubling, and strangely hopeful time. Firmly in the fearless tradition of Mort Sahl, Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor, & Chris Rock. Comedy as common sense purged of the absurd hypocrisy that is Our America." --- Vernon Reid, founder & songwriter & guitarist of Living Colour.

If music is influential then I'm more than 50% Living Colour, cuz I've listened to them more than half my life. And I have certainly listened to them more than any other band. (Fishbone is a close second. Then 24-7 Spyz... Then Urban Dance Squad.. Oops! I forgot Hendrix... Dang!) Anyway, It may sound like an exaggeration but without Vernon and Living Colour, I wouldn't be anything close to the who I am today. If you like those things, thank them. If you don't, then blame me.

You probably remember Living Colour for THIS...

But make no mistake. They are still out there making the myths...

Sneak Peak... of Kamau's NEW CD!

Here's a sneak peak (ummm.. listen) of one track from my CD, "Face Full of Flour." Just in case you were on the fence about picking it up from Amazon or iTunes, this should push you over. This track is entitled Nobel Prize Winning Negro. Listen. Laugh. Send it to your friends. Repeat as necessary.