I talked to director Ava DuVernay & YOU get to listen to it.

Director Ava DuVernaySo I know many of you are confused by my podcast, "Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time Period." I hear the feedback and notice the quizzical laughter at the title. "Kamau, do you really believe that Denzel is the best actor ever?"


I believe he is the greatest actor of all time period. "Best ever"??? COME ON! And over the last year of the podcast, myself and my co-host Kevin Avery have found that we are not the only ones. While our mission is to review all of Denzel's movies, we find the conversation often turns to diversity (of all kinds) in Hollywood. And often this conversation happens with the people who are trying to make Hollywood a more diverse place.

We have talked to other actors, like Omar Dorsey, Johnny Skourtis, and J. August Richards. We have talked to other comedians, like Doug Benson, Phoebe Robinson, Michelle Buteau, and soon Hari Kondabolu. And also David Alan Grier, half of the band Living Colour, political sportswriter Dave Zirin, SNL's Sasheer Zamata, The Daily Show's Hasan Minhaj, and James Monroe Iglehart, a Tony Award Winner who knew my wife in college. An they all agree with us that Denzel Washington is The Greatest Actor of All Time Period!*

We even have a name for our true people who get it, Denzealots! There's even a website run by a fan from Russia. RUSSIA! Denzel heals the wounds of the world.

Well now, we have the immediately legendary, director of Selma, Ava DuVernay. She had some thoughts about Denzel, diversity in Hollywood, Viola Davis's (also immediately legendary) Emmy speech, buying your own milk, and Denzel's sexiest movie, Mo' Better Blues.

Wanna check that out? If not, them we may not be good for each other anymore.

*Or they just came on the show because it sounded fun.

FNGTAC Podcast Episode 14 minus 1 - Obama vs. Osama vs. Trump vs. Jesse Thorn (VERNON IS BACK!)

Vernon is back from his tour in Berlin and therefore the dynamical duo is BACK! For all of you who missed Vernon on the last episode this episode is back to regular. This episode features... - Vernon's beef with America's radio sweetheart Jesse Thorn.

- President Barack Obama squashing his beef with Osama Bin Laden... literally.

- Vernon pitches his new religion, POI, to Producer Alex's bemusement.

- Vernon has insider knowledge to the reign of NYC drug kingpin Nicky Barnes.

- Vernon makes it clear he's not voting for Newt Gingrich. Surprised?

- Kamau sends Vernon a surprising E-mail. You'll just have to guess what it is.

- And finally Urban Dance Squad gets some much overdue love from FNGTAC!

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Some Tweets hit too close to home.

Marc Maron was looking for suggestions for guests on his awesome podcast, WTF. So I piped in suggesting myself. As many of you know, I was on last February with my good friend and comedian, Dwayne Kennedy --- who was only on the episode because he (nicely) drove me there... And because Marc knew him. We spent most of the time talking about "the black thing" --- Marc's words. And we never got to do that whole now classic WTF my life story that includes Marc apologizing to me and/or me telling him that I used to think that he was a jerk thing. It was a lot of fun, but looking back I miss not getting to do my whole Inside The Actor's Studio thingy. So I sent him a (slightly) snarky tweet suggesting myself. And here is how he responded...

Touche... and ouch!

Some tweets backfire. Some tweets hit too close to home.

For the record, I never did think Marc was a jerk, nor did he need to apologize... UNTIL NOW!

Just kidding.

If you wanna hear my episode of WTF, you can get the WTF Pod app for your iPad or iPhone. Or you can go to WTFpod.com an dget it there. I think it costs money now... Because it was THAT good... also it was one of the first 50... before Marc went all Ira Glass/Carlos Mencia/Ray Ramano/Louis CK/Blaine Capatch on us.

Episode 7 - N Bombs, Kamau Bombs & Vernon's Smart Bombs

In the tradition of epic filmmaking & epic story telling, Kamau has one doozy of story to tell about his last three weeks. And in classic FNGTAC fashion, Vernon takes the conversation waaaaaaaaay off road in a beautiful way. This episode features several epic battles of Good vs. Evil: Kamau vs. Sacramento, Kevin Avery vs. Hollywood, Vernon vs. Hip Hop, Vernon vs. Quentin Tarantino, and even Vernon vs. Apollo Creed(?). And during this epic tale Vernon & Kamau finally have the N Word conversation, and we're not talking about Zen meditation. It took seven episodes for these two black guys to have that conversation. WOW! Maybe instead, they are actually "Far Afield Negroes". This one also features a surprise ending which portends good things to come, and also we finally get to find out exactly what percentage of Vernon that Kamau is. May the force be with them!

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Episode 3 of FNGTAC - Eddie Long... & Strong

Finally Episode 3 comes to you! In this episode me & Vernon talk about the Eddie Long Scandal and how Eddie Long is like a superhero. Vernon tells a story about a strip club that may or may not be sacreligious. I coin the term "George Foremaning." Vernon laughs longer and harder than you've ever heard before. Vernon's phone goes off repeatedly & the episode ends with a special guest /shocking LOST-style finale.

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Comedy & Everything Else Podcast feat. Me & Kevin Avery

Episode 104 with W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

  • Double teaming with two great comics, W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery. Don't miss this episode!
  • Our first and second black guests!
  • We dedicate this episode to Dr. Laura
  • The 'n word' is a special word
  • An unforgettable night
  • President Obama is like a mood ring

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The Field Negro Guide to Arts & Culture: Episode 1... or 2.

Yup! It's me and Living Colour's Vernon Reid --- who if you now me then you know how big a deal he is to me --- are starting a weekly podcast called The Field Negro Guide to Arts & Culture. It's a rambling, off-roading conversation by tow black dudes who have been outside the "black box" for so long that we've both built homes there. This 1st episode, we talk Gary Coleman, Comic book adaptations and Vampires... Of course. Enjoy!

Listen or Download it here: http://thatfnpod.libsyn.com/webpage

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WTF Podcast with Marc Maron featuring me & Dwayne Kennedy. RACE-Y!

WTF Podcast with Marc Maron So a couple weeks ago when I was in LA taping Marc Maron's TV Pilot for Comedy Central, me and Dwayne Kennedy also taped this episode of Marc Maron's WTF podcast. The interview is pretty much 100% focused on racism in alternative comedy... which makes it seem pretty topical considering all the John Mayer nonsense yesterday. This interview was sort of a surreal experience for me. I've been a big fan of Marc's since before I started doing comedy, and I'm a big fan of his podcast. Marc is credited as one of the founders(?) of Alt Comedy, but I've always appreciated him for his honesty, his blistering point of view, and his... I don't know how to put this... his ADULTHOOD. There are very few comics that feel like adults when they are onstage. Most comedians onstage feel like teenagers or college students on a Friday night, but Marc is part of a class of comedians who feel like adults. (including Greg Proops, Jake Johannsen, Bill Burr... and it goes without saying Bill Cosby and Paul Mooney) I've always respected that quality in a comedian and have aspired to be that myself. It doesn't mean they don't talk about or do silly things but they do these things from an adult perspective. It feels like it is a throwback to the 60's and early 70's era of comedy.

The 2nd reason this episode felt surreal is that I was able to tape it with Dwayne Kennedy. Not only is he is one of my best friends but he is also one of my favorite comics of all-time. No exaggeration. He's a comedy legend amongst the people who know these things (Marc sort of goes into this at the beginning --- if they left that part in.) , and there's not enough evidence online for you to know how good Dwayne is. And DEFINITELY getting Dwayne to open up like he did on Marc's podcast AND ON THE RECORD is rare, so enjoy it while it lasts.

I haven't listened yet to this episode, yet --- possibly because I was there. Check it out and let me know what you think. ENjoy this episode of Two Legends and Kamau.

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