Kamau & Laughter Against The Machine in Oakland & Sacramento! FEBRUARY

If you can't get to one of my San Francisco New Year's Eve (and Eve Eve and New Year's Day) Shows, puhleeeeeeeeeeeeeease check me and my band of comedians, Laughter Against The Machine in OAKLAND(!!!) at The New Parish on February 8 & 9. Get YOUR tickets HERE Or maybe in Sacramento on February 11th at The Sacramento Comedy Spot. (not on the 12th despite what the super cool poster says). Get YOUR tickets HERE

Episode 7 - N Bombs, Kamau Bombs & Vernon's Smart Bombs

In the tradition of epic filmmaking & epic story telling, Kamau has one doozy of story to tell about his last three weeks. And in classic FNGTAC fashion, Vernon takes the conversation waaaaaaaaay off road in a beautiful way. This episode features several epic battles of Good vs. Evil: Kamau vs. Sacramento, Kevin Avery vs. Hollywood, Vernon vs. Hip Hop, Vernon vs. Quentin Tarantino, and even Vernon vs. Apollo Creed(?). And during this epic tale Vernon & Kamau finally have the N Word conversation, and we're not talking about Zen meditation. It took seven episodes for these two black guys to have that conversation. WOW! Maybe instead, they are actually "Far Afield Negroes". This one also features a surprise ending which portends good things to come, and also we finally get to find out exactly what percentage of Vernon that Kamau is. May the force be with them!

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