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My BIG new thingy! June 20 & 22 in SF! COME OUT!

The Bell Curve Project: Apologies @ Stage WerxJune 20 & 22 446 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Welcome to The Bell Curve Project! Much like nobody saw his solo show coming, nobody will see this coming (unless you're reading this). And this time instead of just taking on Race, Kamau is taking on everything... one show at a time. "When I initially began doing The Bell Curve, I immediately realized that I enjoyed the idea behind it of taking one subject and attacking it from different angles and trying to find unique approaches to something that we all as a society had spend lots of time thinking about. I knew it didn't always have to be about race. I even did a few shows at Stage Werx where I focused on things like Black History Month and frustration. That is where I really feel like my comedic itch gets scratched."

The major difference with The Bell Curve Project is that this time Kamau is not doing it alone. He has recruited a gang of his favorite comedians, writers, producers, and even a rockstar rapper to help him out. It's like a murders' row of talent from The Bay Area and yes, even from LA and New York. They include Alex Koll (Just For Laughs Festival, Bay Area Air Guitar Champion), Kevin Camia (iTunes Top Ten Comedy CD of 2010), Kevin Kataoka (Lopez Tonight, MadTV), Chuck Sklar (Lopez Tonight & HBO's Chris Rock Show) and regular Kamau cohorts, Janine Brito (laughter Against The Machine), Nato Green (Laughter Against The Machine), and Kevin Avery (Siskel & Negro), and the original director of The W. Kamau Bell Curve, Martha Rynberg. And the rockstar rapper / activist / Bay Area legend himself, founder of The Coup and co-founder of Street Sweeper Social Club, Boots Riley. The Bell Curve Project will be a hybrid of a diatribe, video clips and segments, talk show elements, sketch comedy, and a good old-fashioned Kamau show. Special guests TBA.

So Kamau is going back to Stage Werx, the theater where he performed The Bell Curve for the first time, and this time he and his LA, New York, and Bay Area friends are taking on the subject of... Apologies. Why do we make so many of them? Do they mean anything anymore? What makes a good one? What makes a bad one? What are the most famous ones? Who still owes us one? How can we all get better at them?

"I know nobody is expecting me to take on apologies after four years of taking on racism, but apologies are as embedded and loaded in society as racism is. Literally everyday they are in the news, either because somebody makes one or somebody needs to make one: politicians, actors, actors who are politicians."

“The other reason I’m doing this show is because over the last few years, one thing I have learned is that the entertainment industry is run the exact same way as a high school geometry class. Neither one of them care if you have the answer. They both want you to show your work. So I’m going to do these shows, film them to show my work, and then sell it back to them. The same way I did in high school.” Why Comics Love Recording in San Francisco


Comics love to record their CDs and DVDs in San Francisco. They LOOOOOOOVE it! Even if they don't live here. Even if they didn't come up doing comedy here. Even if they don't spend that much time in the bay. They still love to record those permanent records known as "specials" here. And they even used to love to record them here when those permanent records were actually records.

Here is a quick list off the top of my Googler of notable CDs, DVDs, and albums that were recorded in San Francisco:

1. Paul Mooney's Race - 1993 (The San Francisco Punch Line)2. Steve Martin's Comedy Is Not Pretty - 1979, and Let's Get Small - 1977 (both at The Boarding House in San Francisco)

3. Margaret Cho's I'm The One That I Want (The Warfield -- this reset the bar for the modern special.)

4. Lenny Bruce's Live At The Curran Theater - 1961 (Apparently the actual show was --- GULP! --- THREE HOURS AND SEVEN MINUTES LONG!)

5. Mort Sahl at The Hungry i - 1960 (Yup, before it was a seedy strip club it was home to the best comedy the country has ever seen.)

6. Zach Galifinakis' Live at The Purple Onion - 2007 (You can hear our very own Alex Koll* introduce Zach at the beginning of the DVD.)

7. Sandra Bernhard's I'm Still Here... Damn It! - 1998 (Slim's)

8. Bill Burr's Let It Go - 2010 (The Fillmore)

9. Phyllis Diller's Live in San Francisco - 2001**

10. Kevin Avery's Hardcore 2007 (The San Francisco Punch Line)

11. Daniel Tosh's Happy Thoughts - 2011 (Yerba Buena Center)

12. Eddie Izzard's Dress To Kill - 1998 (Stage Door Theatre, I was in the flippin' audience the night it was recorded for HBO. I didn't get it. I do now.) FOR THE REST OF THIS POST GO HERE!

Episode 7 - N Bombs, Kamau Bombs & Vernon's Smart Bombs

In the tradition of epic filmmaking & epic story telling, Kamau has one doozy of story to tell about his last three weeks. And in classic FNGTAC fashion, Vernon takes the conversation waaaaaaaaay off road in a beautiful way. This episode features several epic battles of Good vs. Evil: Kamau vs. Sacramento, Kevin Avery vs. Hollywood, Vernon vs. Hip Hop, Vernon vs. Quentin Tarantino, and even Vernon vs. Apollo Creed(?). And during this epic tale Vernon & Kamau finally have the N Word conversation, and we're not talking about Zen meditation. It took seven episodes for these two black guys to have that conversation. WOW! Maybe instead, they are actually "Far Afield Negroes". This one also features a surprise ending which portends good things to come, and also we finally get to find out exactly what percentage of Vernon that Kamau is. May the force be with them!

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Me & Kevin Avery Together are "As rare & magical as a sparkle-unicorn..."

Check out what the SF Weekly has to say about our upcoming shows on November 23 (Tues) & 24 (Wed) at The SF Punch Line...

Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell

Twice the Awesomeness

By Hiya Swanhuyser

Just on the off chance you're looking for something to do tonight, something like, kind of, maybe, as rare and magical as a sparkle-unicorn doing West Side Story choreography under a liquid light show, consider Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell. They're not unicorns, not yet. As former co-pilots of radio's "Siskel & Negro," the duo have killed hard on many Bay Area stages and airwaves. Currently, Bell is "spending a lot of time in New York," aka not likely to be performing small venues around here much longer, and Avery already lives in Los Angeles and is writing a film called Thugs: The Musical. Unicorn status imminent.


What more do I have to do to get you to come? Half price tickets? BAM!

Comedy & Everything Else Podcast feat. Me & Kevin Avery

Episode 104 with W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery

This week on Comedy and Everything Else:

  • Double teaming with two great comics, W. Kamau Bell & Kevin Avery. Don't miss this episode!
  • Our first and second black guests!
  • We dedicate this episode to Dr. Laura
  • The 'n word' is a special word
  • An unforgettable night
  • President Obama is like a mood ring

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