sparkle unicorn

Me & Kevin Avery Together are "As rare & magical as a sparkle-unicorn..."

Check out what the SF Weekly has to say about our upcoming shows on November 23 (Tues) & 24 (Wed) at The SF Punch Line...

Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell

Twice the Awesomeness

By Hiya Swanhuyser

Just on the off chance you're looking for something to do tonight, something like, kind of, maybe, as rare and magical as a sparkle-unicorn doing West Side Story choreography under a liquid light show, consider Kevin Avery and W. Kamau Bell. They're not unicorns, not yet. As former co-pilots of radio's "Siskel & Negro," the duo have killed hard on many Bay Area stages and airwaves. Currently, Bell is "spending a lot of time in New York," aka not likely to be performing small venues around here much longer, and Avery already lives in Los Angeles and is writing a film called Thugs: The Musical. Unicorn status imminent.


What more do I have to do to get you to come? Half price tickets? BAM!