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SF Bay Area, so… umm… I’m back. ‘Zat cool?

So I live in the Bay Area now (again). Yup. after two-ish years of living in New York City, we are back. I say “we” because the main reason I moved back is because we, as a family, knew it was best for us. My wife is very pregnant with our second child, a daughter. (YAY! Maybe some of the credits I earned from my first daughter will transfer over!) And our O.D. (Original Daughter) is now three years old, which means it’s time for school to begin. The kind… Read more

Lebron Is Going Back To Cleveland

I don't know if he's the greatest NBA player, but 1 thing I do is that Lebron James is the greatest at being an NBA Free Agent of ALL TIME! — W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) July 11, 2014

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