Some Tweets hit too close to home.

Marc Maron was looking for suggestions for guests on his awesome podcast, WTF. So I piped in suggesting myself. As many of you know, I was on last February with my good friend and comedian, Dwayne Kennedy --- who was only on the episode because he (nicely) drove me there... And because Marc knew him. We spent most of the time talking about "the black thing" --- Marc's words. And we never got to do that whole now classic WTF my life story that includes Marc apologizing to me and/or me telling him that I used to think that he was a jerk thing. It was a lot of fun, but looking back I miss not getting to do my whole Inside The Actor's Studio thingy. So I sent him a (slightly) snarky tweet suggesting myself. And here is how he responded...

Touche... and ouch!

Some tweets backfire. Some tweets hit too close to home.

For the record, I never did think Marc was a jerk, nor did he need to apologize... UNTIL NOW!

Just kidding.

If you wanna hear my episode of WTF, you can get the WTF Pod app for your iPad or iPhone. Or you can go to an dget it there. I think it costs money now... Because it was THAT good... also it was one of the first 50... before Marc went all Ira Glass/Carlos Mencia/Ray Ramano/Louis CK/Blaine Capatch on us.