Happy Birthday to me?

It's my birthday this week and once again the universe wants to let me know EXACTLY what I am worth.

$2.27??? COME ON! It was named one of 2010 top ten CD's on BOTH iTunes and Punchline Magazine!!!

So if you bid on it and win it, I'll flood* you with some sort of currently undecided WKB Prize Package.

Last time one of my CD's ended up on eBay, it was won by Marco Lamas, and now we are the best of friends.**

So give me an early b-day present, click the pic above, and rescue my CD from the Internetic cut out bin.


* The concept of "flood" is subjective.

** The term "best of friends" is in the eye of the beholder, but we did recently hang out in NYC at a Vernon Reid gig.