interracial relationships

Guess what the coolest thing is about this news story.

Watch below. Then tell me what the coolest thing is about it.

Is is that it is somehow cheesy and tear jerking at the exact same time? No.

Is it that he gets down on town knees instead of one knee? No. Although I am partial to that, because that's how I proposed to my wife. But with me it wasn't a choice. I just forgot it was only supposed to be one knee.

Give up? IT'S THAT IT ISN'T ABOUT INTERRACIAL LOVE!!! Can you believe it? It's just about unique marriage proposals, cancer, and something called "keratin". And it's from Cleveland. Not truly liberal cities like Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco* or Portland.** Cleveland may vote democratic, but it ain't exactly progressive. And Ohio is a swing state. I'm SUUUUUURE there are people in the Cleveland area who saw this story, spit out their tea (party) and were like, "HEEEELL NO!"

Now THIS is some Post-Racial America!

*There may not be enough black people with jobs in San Francisco to make this story possible. ** There certainly aren't enough in Portland.

Listen my FULL interview on Forum! #GreatestInterviewEver

This was the best radio interview I've ever done. Mostly because it was an hour focused all on ME! Dave Iverson, the host, asked probing and intelligent and thoughtful questions... which is certainly not always the case for radio. Afterward, I met all the black people at KQED... three. (Just kidding... I met three but I saw five.) It was a lot of fun... the second half many people called in and they were all cool. Enjoy. And I understand if you don't have enough interest to take the whole hour of KAMAU! It was like Frost/Nixon... but less jowl-ly and confrontational.


W. Kamau Bell

Fri, Dec 17, 2010 -- 10:00

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San Francisco-based comic W. Kamau Bell is known for telling the very first joke about President Obama on Comedy Central, when he memorably predicted in 2005 that Obama was not going to win the election. Bell joins us in the studio for a conversation on humor, and race.

Bell has been named best San Francisco comedian by 7x7 Magazine, The San Francisco Bay Guardian and SF Weekly. His new comedy album "Face Full of Flour" made the iTunes list of best comedy albums of 2010 -- and he's performing at the Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco on New Year's Eve.

Host: Dave Iverson


  • W. Kamau Bell, San Francisco-based comic