Guess what the coolest thing is about this news story.

Watch below. Then tell me what the coolest thing is about it.

Is is that it is somehow cheesy and tear jerking at the exact same time? No.

Is it that he gets down on town knees instead of one knee? No. Although I am partial to that, because that's how I proposed to my wife. But with me it wasn't a choice. I just forgot it was only supposed to be one knee.

Give up? IT'S THAT IT ISN'T ABOUT INTERRACIAL LOVE!!! Can you believe it? It's just about unique marriage proposals, cancer, and something called "keratin". And it's from Cleveland. Not truly liberal cities like Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco* or Portland.** Cleveland may vote democratic, but it ain't exactly progressive. And Ohio is a swing state. I'm SUUUUUURE there are people in the Cleveland area who saw this story, spit out their tea (party) and were like, "HEEEELL NO!"

Now THIS is some Post-Racial America!

*There may not be enough black people with jobs in San Francisco to make this story possible. ** There certainly aren't enough in Portland.