bbots riley


Boots Riley & an unnamed guitar player. So the hits keep on rolling in. Legendary MC Boots Riley of The Coup ANNNNNNNNNNNNND Street Sweeper Social Club who just Facebooked all about me and my new CD Face Full of Flour. I've pretty much decided that if I can't get my CD to sell, I'm at least gonna get it in the hands of the people who I think would dig it. ANd Boots is DEFINITELY one of those people.

But don't take my word for it. Listen to Boots himself (umm... at least his Facebook page)

"Alright, everyone. All at once now. Go to Itunes and download W. Kamau Bell's new comedy album- Face Full Of Flour. Hilarious, with somethin' to say about the world. You like comedy? You like Dave Chapelle? You like Black People? You'll love this shit." --- Boots Riley, Street Sweeper Social Club

Well from the man who wrote "99 Ways to Kill a CEO" and "Fight, Smash, Win!", these are mighty words, so if I were you I'd quickly do what he said.

Although, feel free to get it from iTunes OR Amazon... That is unless you hate black people.