Everyone meet JerkyChid & his excellent YouTube review of ME.

JerkyChid a new fan of mine who I "met" on Twitter put this YouTube video together reviewing my two CD's. AWESOME! I never imagined stuff like this happening when I was a kid and wanted to be a stand-up comic --- maybe mostly because there was no Internet way back then --- so this is really cool. I might need to hire him for his editing skills.  Check it out...

Pretty cool. Actually REEEEEEEEALLY cool!

Sneak Peak... of Kamau's NEW CD!

Here's a sneak peak (ummm.. listen) of one track from my CD, "Face Full of Flour." Just in case you were on the fence about picking it up from Amazon or iTunes, this should push you over. This track is entitled Nobel Prize Winning Negro. Listen. Laugh. Send it to your friends. Repeat as necessary.