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SEATTLE! I'm coming for YOU! Feb. 6th, 8pm!

From The Seattle Weekly...

Sun., Feb. 6, 8 p.m., 2011 Get your tickets HERE! Bring a Friend of a Different Race & Get in 2for1.

Back in 2005, a little-known San Francisco comic made a crack about a little-known Illinois senator, also black. Said W. Kamau Bell, “There will never be a black president named Barack Obama. Because that is too black.” Then the unthinkable happened: Obama actually became president, and Bell focused his comedy into a stand-alone show, The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour. He's been performing and refining the act for years, adapting topics of his ire from George Bush to Michele Bachmann. And while he comes as the subject of race from a Bay Area liberal's perspective, his jokes also range from Star Trek to kung fu movies to Macbeth. (“As a society,” says this Chicago-raised utopian, “let's be the The Matrix part one, not The Matrix II and III.”) And, like the president, Bell has stripped the anger from his smart, genial demeanor—he's like the funniest dude in your Ph.D. program. Though he's a young guy, fluent in blogging, twitter, and Facebook, he's also a bit of a throwback—skipping over the incendiary taunts of Pryor and Murphy back to the early humor of Cosby (before sweaters and sitcoms). Also note the ticket price: two-for-one if “you bring a friend from a different race.” It's a great chance to save some money and meet someone not in your usual online dating profile. BRIAN MILLER


"Chicago-raised utopoian"

"the funniest dude in your Ph.D. program"

"the early humor of Cosby (before sweaters & sitcoms)"

Yup, that's pretty much how I've always described myself.

Seattle, I'll see you February 6th at 8pm.

Alvin Greene is a dead ringer for John David Stutts. Hmmm?

So apparently this Alvin Greene situation is even more insidious than the media has even reported. Alvin Greene is clearly the return of John David Stutts. Stutts was assumed to be dead after he was very publicly assassinated on television in the early 80's, but clearly he is BACK! And causing a ruckus again. Alvin Greene South Carolina Democratic Senate Candidate

John David Stutts Buckwheat's assassin

Alvin Greene had a recent controversial victory in South Carolina's Senate Primary. He spent less than $2000 campaigning, yet won in a landslide. Democrats are apoplectic while Republicans laugh. Watch him get Olbermanned!

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This doesn't bode well for Alvin Greene. He might have to organize another conspiracy and disappear again like he did when he was using his AKA "John David Stutts."


Check out this news clip about John David Stutts from Ted Koppel on Nightline in the 80s.

As Paul Mooney says, "KNOW YOUR HISTORY!"

I rest my case.