My response to Bill & Jodi. Enjoy...

Here is my response to Bill and Jodi. I sent it to them a few minutes ago. It's a little wordy, but it was actually fun to write. Do you think I'll hear back from them? If you haven't seen their E-mail to me then you can scroll down. It is the post right below this one. And now my response... Bill & Jodi,

Hmmm? Interesting... There are so many issues with your E-mail. Let's go at them one at a time. Shall we?

1) I don't know if you are aware of this, Bill and Jodi, but comedy --- like all art ---  is subjective; therefore every individual has the right to like and not like whoever and whatever they want, but -- AND HERE'S THE KICKER!!! --- Just because YOU don't like the art, it doesn't intrinsically make that art bad. In fact, it is the strength of art that there is literally something out there for everybody.

2) Why would you feel the need to reach out in this manner? I was onstage for nearly an hour. You could have just gotten up and left. I'm sure the two of you could have found many more interesting things to do in San Francisco than think I suck. Holding those emotions inside isn't healthy. It can provide undue stress on your nervous system. I don't recommend it.

3) Artists -- and yes, I'm going to speak for all artists --- We don't actually care when individuals (or couples in this case) think we suck. Last night the overwhelming majority of the crowd enjoyed themselves, so you are outnumbered here. And I don't know either one of you from Adam. So you have to ask yourselves, "Why would we think that Kamau would care that we thought he sucked?" It's funny when you think of it like that. Your feelings about me seem inconsequential when stacked up against the rest of the audience, neigh the rest of my career. Funny isn't it?

4) These next set of questions are more rhetorical than the others. These are some things for you to meditate on... Why would you send me this E-mail to me? What am I possibly supposed to do with this information? Are you actually trying to hurt my feelings? What do you believe you have accomplished by sending this message? Do you actually think that it will help me "suck" less? I truly don't believe that you wanted to give constructive feedback, because you clearly chose to write in a manner that was at the very least rude and at worst insulting. Did you mean to come across this way? We all know that in this crazy, topsy turvy world you get much more with sugar than with vinegar. The only piece of constructive feedback that I can glean from your E-mail is that I should use my notes less. I will try to do so this evening. Thanks for this one thing.

5) Have you ever considered the fact that maybe you are not my target demographic? Everything is not for everybody. Again art's strength is its subjective nature.

6) Did you send E-mails to Edwin Li and Kevin Avery to tell them how much you liked them? I would highly recommend that. One thing artists do geek out on --- in fact one thing all people share whether artists or not --- is that we all love support and encouragement. That is actually way more effective than what you sent me. Be supportive of the things that you like. Don't focus on the negativity. Life is short. I'd really encourage you to send an E-mail to Edwin. He is still young in his career and I'm sure he would appreciate knowing that you enjoyed him. I can forward you his E-mail address if you would like. Just let me know.

Good luck to you, too. And in the future I would strongly entreat you to keep your negative opinions of artists to yourself. As we have seen, it just doesn't accomplish anything.



Whew! That was fun. I'll let you know if I hear back from the legendary, Bill & Jodi!