Bill & Jodi's response to my response. This time with 100% Less Jodi.

Bill & Jodi

So I received this response last night, right before I went onstage for my first of two awesome shows at The San Francisco Punch Line. We were recording them for my next CD. (More on that soon.) You will notice that this E-mail is just from Bill this time. I guess Jodi has jumped off of the "make Kamau understand that he sucks" project. But you will also notice that it is still free of annoyances like grammar and correct capitalization. Enjoy...

"now that's funny did you know Vinegar kills infection and sugar causes infection. I hope you do well and become successful as well for everybody we just did not like your comedy. If it was free I would not complain. Please "rest of audience" Making wine is an art but sometimes a bad bottle appears if you don't complain it may not get better. I hope you had a great night and a great future Kamau." --- Bill

Awww isn't that nice? He wishes me well. Although maybe that's why Jodi jumped ship... Maybe she was like, "I REFUSE TO WISH HIM WELL!" or more accurately, "I NO TO WISH WELL HIM SUCK!"