My CD Recording @ The SF Punch Line Thanksgiving Weekend. & YOU get in 2for1

StanfordI'm coming to The San Francisco Punch Line Thanksgiving Weekend. Four shows only. Friday, November 27th & and Saturday, November 28th. On the Saturday shows, I am recording my 2nd comedy CD. Which means Friday night, I'll be experimenting and Saturday night I'll come out guns blazing. Either way these are going to be epic shows. You have four opportunities to come out and see what I'm up to. I order you... DON'T MISS THESE SHOWS!

And as a special added bonus, YOU can get into ANY of the shows 2for1!

All you have to do is call the club at 415 397 7573 and use the password NEW BLACK!

Now it's truly BLACK FRIDAY!

Special guest on all four shows: my cohort, Kevin Avery ("Siskel" of Siskel and Negro)

Come out bring a friend and strap in.