Check Please, Bay Area! Seriously. CHECK PLEASE!

Was watching "Check Please, Bay Area!" this morning on PBS. WOW! I'd never seen it before. It's like Yelp LIVE. It features white people who don't have any real problems in their lives talking shit about independently owned businesses. I wonder if the white people feel like they have made a real and important difference afterward by slagging off local businesses. Way to ACT LOCAL! I talked about this on Facebook and then my friend, Webec sent me this clip.

This clip makes me happy for multiple reasons. One basic one is because I grew up in Hyde Park in Chicago.

For the record, the white woman (W/ DREADLOCKS!??!!) in the clip is EXACTLY what I was talking about. Maybe, Karen, you don't know what black eyed peas should taste like? Maybe Barack could tell you that southern greens are made that way on purpose. Maybe your opinion isn't that key in this one area. MAYBE THE WORLD ISN'T HERE JUST FOR YOU!!

The white dude is perfect Chicago... even though he might be from Boston.

I also love how Barack is clearly ALREADY running for president.

Whew. This morning turned a corner I wasn't expecting.

It's too early in the day for me to be this mad at white people.