Totally Biased Episode 124

This has Unlocking the Truth & 2 of of my favorite things. Vernon Reid of Living Colour & my mom, Janet Cheatham Bell.

Last night's Totally Biased rocked!  Literally.  UNLOCKING THE TRUTH !

On Totally Biased I got excited for a Cheerios ad with a mixed race family & the internet ruined it.

Here's my response to last week's Totally Biased segment with Lindy West and Jim Norton.  Watch it #homework

Moviologist Doug Benson returns to guide movie goers in "Watch This, Not That."

Last night on @TotallyBiasedFX our own Hari Kondabolu talks spelling bees and all their badass glory!

Totally Biased Episode 123

Last nite was Comedian vs. Feminist on Totally Biased with Jim Norton and Lindy West.  Check it out!

Mike Lawrence speaks out on behalf of the McPeople on last night's Totally Biased!

Watch Doug Benson's segment "Watch This, Not That" for guidance to this summer's blockbusters.

Last night on I to0k on a (sort of) personal challenge from Michelle Bachmann.

Totally Biased Episode 122

Aparna Nancherla and Guy Branum showed us what not to wear to a protest on last night's Totally Biased.

This clip from last night's Totally Biased is Must Si TV! #TotallyBiased #TotalmenteSesgada!

Totally Biased writer Kevin Kataoka introduces an unlikely Asian American hero.

Friend and threat to my job Wyatt Cenac stopped by.  Thanks for getting him on twitter ?estlove!


Hey guys!

This is the official announcement of THE TOTALLY BIASED STAND UP TOUR presented by my friends at FXX!  Joining me will be a rotating lineup of the amazing Totally Biased writers, including Kevin Avery, Guy Branum, Janine Brito, Kevin Kataoka, Dwayne Kennedy, Hari Kondabolu, and Aparna Nancherla. All shows will feature us doing standup followed by a Q&A.  Tickets are on sale on Friday, but since you guys are my friends, I'd like to give you a chance to get tickets before the regular people. PRESALE TICKETS will be available HERE starting at 10am local tomorrow (5/15)!

The exciting thing about this tour for me is that I get to go to some of my favorite cities AND cities I've never performed in. I'm looking at you San Diego, Boston, Atlanta and Orlando. Hopefully one of these cities is somewhere near you!

Seeing us onstage not enough?

Buy a tee with your ticket purchase, wear it to the show, and get access to a special post-show group photo! We cannot wait for this tour, it is going to be a great time!


7/11 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
7/12 Prince Music Theater Philadelphia, PA
7/13 Park West Chicago, IL
7/14 Cannery Ballroom Nashville, TN
7/19 House of Blues San Diego, CA
7/20 Largo Los Angeles, CA
7/21 The Chapel San Francisco, CA
7/25 Howlin Wolf New Orleans, LA
7/26 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA
7/27 The Plaza Live Orlando, FL

Totally Biased Episode 120

Last night on Totally Biased we asked, "Anything You Have Anything to Say to a White Guy?" with Ethan Berlin.

Here is my interview with Melissa Harris Perry.  We bury the hatchet (that she didn't know we had).  #nerdland

Check out our piece on hero and human lolcat Charles Ramsey.

My comedy daughter, Janine Brito, revealed a hidden secret about the LGBT community on last night's Totally Biased.  Enjoy!


Hello friends! I know we’ve been gone for a while, but... TOTALLY BIASED IS BACK TOMORROW! With special guest MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY. You’re welcome #nerdland. We have 7 more episodes before summer. That means 7 more chances to be a part of our live audience in NYC! Get your FREE tickets HERE.

This has been a very exciting time for the FX Network family since it has announced the launch of a sister network, FXX starting in September. And guess what show will be on FXX 5 nights a week...  Thats right, TOTALLY BIASED! Crazy, right?  FXX will also be home to other amazing comedy shows, like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Archer,” “The League,” and “Arrested Development” to name a few. It’s because of all your kind words and support that this was possible so on behalf of the whole crew I wanna thank you so much! Keep tuning in and spreading the word.

On May 15th you can catch me on “KATIE” with Katie Couric at 3pm ET. The last morning show I invaded was “The View,” and believe me, Katie enjoyed my comedy way more than Barbara Walters did!

And... I have a huge announcement involving my summer plans and hopefully yours!  Check back Wednesday for the update.

See you out there.


I'm coming to SF, Oakland, DC, NYC!

SAN FRANCISCO / OAKLANDSo some of you may have heard that I am doing a couple of shows at Stage Werx on March 23 and 24. They are benefit shows. 100% of the proceeds are going to Stage Werx, because I love them and they have been very supportive of me over the years and I've done a lot of things there. Fortunately for Stage Werx, the shows sold out very quickly, thanks to articles like this one. And also fortunately for any of you who didn’t get tickets, I decided to put on another show in the Bay Area, in Oakland, at my favorite Oakland venue, The New Parish, on April 7. A portion of the proceeds of this show will benefit The Applied Research Center, who runs, because I love them. You can get tickets here.

WASHINGTON DC The Kamau Mau Uprising Stand-up Tour is coming to Washington, DC on April 21! I am super excited to be back in DC doing stand-up. I know this is not a lot of warning but if you are in the DC/Baltimore/Virginia area I'd LOOOOOOOOVE to see you out there. I'm bringing Totally Biased's own Aparna Nancherla to open for me. So it promises to be a great show. Here is the link for presale tickets.

The fanclub presale starts TODAY, March 20, at 10am through March 21 at 10pm. Then we open it up to the general public, so get the good seats now! PRESALE TICKETS HERE (the password is milkshakes).

NEW YORK CITY I am making my New York City comedy club headlining debut at the historic Caroline's Comedy Club, April 25 - 28. This a legendary NYC venue. It's been featured in Louis CK's show, Louie, and it was it's on TV show, The Caroline Comedy Hour. I even got to open for Dick Gregory twice there what seems like a million years go but is actually probably two. I have convinced the club to give people on my list a discount code. So if you are in the NYC area, come on through. TICKETS HERE. The code is milkshakes and that will get you $5 off.

CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS Sometimes I want you people to go do other things that aren't so WKB centric, so...

Go see Living Colour on tour! (Vernon Reid wrote the Totally Biased theme song.) Check out Nato Green's new podcast The Nato Sessions (If you're near SF you can go see it live.)

See you out there, Kamau

Totally Biased Break, SXSW + Tee Shirt Discount for YOU!

WOW! So we taped episode 19 of "Totally Biased," and now we have a little bit of a break before we start up with our next 7 episodes on May 9th. I know I said this before, but it's a crazy to have started with 6 and now to be where we are with 19 under our collective belts. I just want to thank to the people at FX, my manager Keri, and the continued mentorship/stewardship/chrisrockship of Chris Rock. But also let me take this opportunity to thank all of the writers and staff of "Totally Biased," who have way more TV production experience than I do, and who have been really generous about helping me get through this process. I am proud of all of the episodes of "Totally Biased," but I am especially proud of these last 6. It just feels like we're starting to hit a groove.

Although it's a break from "Totally Biased," it's not completely a break for me. I have a bunch of college shows to do, and I'll be at SXSW with several of the writers from Totally Biased. Check out my full schedule here. I also plan to check out a Living Colour concert in NY and/or SF. WHOOOHOOO!

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for. I still have a few of those tees left with my face on them, and I know what you've been thinking: "I would like a t-shirt with W. Kamau Bell's face on it, but it's a little too expensive." Well now I have a discount for you. For a limited time (until we run out) you can get these half price HERE.


And I know it's been a while since we talked. I just want to thank you all for your support for me and for "Totally Biased." Here are a few of my favorite clips from recent episodes, for you to check out and hopefully use to spread the word. I couldn't do it without you, literally.



The End of Racism

White History Month

Totally Biased does The Harlem Shake

Don Cheadle Extended Interview

The $5,000 Cookie

Hannibal Buress, Relationship Expert

Reggie Watts Performs

Totally Biased Episode 118

On this weeks episode, Hannibal Burress debuted a new line of Valentine's Day cards to help you date a black person!

Wanna hear about the time I spent $5000 on a cookie? Watch this cartoon...

The State of the Union got me raving on Totally Biased! Not in an angry way. In a 1990's way. #Dubstep #TotallyBiased #SOTU

Nikki Glaser & Sara Schaefer stopped by @TotallyBiasedFX to talk Valentine's Day & their new show, Nikki and Sara Live.

I went to Grand Central Station to ask New Yorkers a hard-hitting question. Should I smoke pot?

Totally Biased Episode 117

Everywhere else it's Black History Month, but at Totally Biased it's Black HipsteryMonth. Check this out with Reggie Watts.

What's more rare than the groundhog seeing his shadow? Me criticizing President Obama!

Boy scouts are afraid of gay people? I'm confused. Here's me trying to understand it.

I got to meet comedy legend David Alan Grier! Check it out.

Totally Biased Episode 116

Comedian/musician/crazy talented dude Reggie Watts stopped by Totally Biased to perform a song you'll never quite see again.

We got into immigration with America's new favorite game "Who Loves Mexicans More!"

Here I deliberate where this VW commercial ranks in my "Most Racist Things Of All Time" list #TotallyBiased

In the recent Benghazi hearings a member of the Totally Biased family was mentioned with disdain. Hari Kondabolu is here to defend the need to have people not-hate us.

I loved talking sports and politics with writer David Zirin last night on Totally Biased (in a hushed tone of course)...

Totally Biased Episode 115

Last night's Totally Biased takes a look at the Inauguration. Featuring First Lady Eye Lasers and eye rolls.

Sherry Vine recounts the Stonewall riots and calls on us to hit intolerance in the nuts!

I went to DC for the Inauguration, or as I like to call it, "The Blackest Day in the history of Blackness,". We ask did this inauguration pale in caparison to 2009's? #PunIntended

Check out this extended interview w/ @GeorgeTakei. He is officially the coolest, from teaching old people to use social media, to speaking sense into Donald Trump!

Totally Biased Episode 14

We had a special guest visit from Frederick Douglass (aka Dwayne Kennedy). He shared his thoughts on Lincoln.

Here are some Totally Biased thoughts on gun controlled America. consider me a modern day Dr. Suess.

Oh Quentin Tarantino. Here's a Totally Biased review of the movie, "Django Unchained."

I went to one of the last unhip neighborhoods in Brooklyn and talked to them about the N word and "Django Unchained."

I interviewed the brainbomb that is Matt Taibbi! Check this extended interview.

Happy New Year People!

Happy New Year people! I hope you had a happy, healthy and rewarding holiday season, depending upon whichever (or none-ever) of the holidays you celebrated. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you out there who are on this list and who are reading this right now. Many of you have been down with me for years and, therefore, you know how big 2012 was for me and my family. Well now I'm back at work, in my office at Totally Biased where we are getting ready to kick off our next cycle of shows, starting Thursday, Jan 17th at our new awesome time of 11pm on FX. It's seems crazy that only a few months ago in August, we started with just six episodes, then got seven, and now we have 13 more. 2012 was a life and career changing year for me. Here are some end of the year highlights.

CONAN - I GOT TO BE ON CONAN OBRIEN! And the best part was I didn't have to go on as a stand up. I got to sit in between Conan and Andy like an adult!

And on the same episode of Conan was Modern Family's hilarious Ty Burrell. I love that show and me and my wife were trying to figure out an appropriate way to ask him for a photo. Imagine my surprise when he poked his head in to my dressing room to tell me that he his a fan of Totally Biased. He even told me that he had sweet potato pie for the first time because of a segment we did. WOW! At that point we couldn't NOT ask for a picture. In fact my daughter insisted on it.

FRESH AIR ON NPR - Terry Gross, host of Fresh Air, named me one of her favorite interviews of 2012. I'm completely shocked. I was so nervous during this interview, so I am really glad people dug it. If you ahven't already, you can listen to it HERE.

THE NEW YORKER - I got my picture in the New Yorker. Kind of... They did a very thoughtful REVIEW of Totally Biased and other alternative comedians including the awesome Maria Bamford. And I got a New Yorker cartoon.

Again, I am grateful to all of you for your support through all of this. 2012 was epic and I hope me and the crew can continue to keep it interesting and funny over here.



Totally Biased Episode 7

Hey guys, so we had a new episode last night. I think it was pretty good. If you missed it, here are some clips. If you like them, please share! A lot of you have asked me how to help the show get more episodes, a good way to do that is to post these and if you're on twitter, include something @TotallyBiasedFX with @wkamaubell #TotallyBiased

I'm Going Out on Tour! The Kamau Mau Uprising

Hey everybody! I'm gonna keep this one short and sweet. Totally Biased comes back October 11th on FX at 11:30pm, and as if that wasn't enough Kamau, I'm going to be going out on tour, and hopefully I'll be coming to a city near you.

The Kamau Mau Uprising

I'm super excited to go out on my first official comedy tour. There's a poster and a t-shirt and I'll be going to some cities I know and love, and I'll also be visiting some cities I've never performed in before!

12/7 - Largo  - Los Angeles, CA - special guest TBA 12/9 - The Fillmore - San Francisco, CA - special guest Dave Thomason 12/11 - The Firebird - St. Louis, MO - special guest Janine Brito 12/12 - The High Watt    Nashville, TN - special guest Janine Brito 12/13 - The Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH - special guest Janine Brito 12/14 - Lincoln Hall - Chicago, IL - special guest Janine Brito 12/15  - Cedar Cultural Center - Minneapolis, MN - special guest Janine Brito

And yes, some of the more famous American cities are missing from this list. I had planned to do more shows, but my pesky TV show got picked up. So right now I'm just starting with these seven, but I know I'll get to you all eventually. If your city is not on this list, you can even go here and DEMAND me, which helps me know where to plan new shows. But if you have friends in these other cities, let them know that I'll be there.

And because I love you, you get to buy your tickets before regular normal people do. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, at 10am local, PRESALE LINKS WILL ALL BE HERE for each tour date. To get the presale password for FREE, sign up for my mailing list here. Tickets go on sale to the public in most cities on Friday at 10am local.

So again, thanks for being a part of this crazy thing.

See you out there!