Hello friends! I know we’ve been gone for a while, but... TOTALLY BIASED IS BACK TOMORROW! With special guest MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY. You’re welcome #nerdland. We have 7 more episodes before summer. That means 7 more chances to be a part of our live audience in NYC! Get your FREE tickets HERE.

This has been a very exciting time for the FX Network family since it has announced the launch of a sister network, FXX starting in September. And guess what show will be on FXX 5 nights a week...  Thats right, TOTALLY BIASED! Crazy, right?  FXX will also be home to other amazing comedy shows, like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Archer,” “The League,” and “Arrested Development” to name a few. It’s because of all your kind words and support that this was possible so on behalf of the whole crew I wanna thank you so much! Keep tuning in and spreading the word.

On May 15th you can catch me on “KATIE” with Katie Couric at 3pm ET. The last morning show I invaded was “The View,” and believe me, Katie enjoyed my comedy way more than Barbara Walters did!

And... I have a huge announcement involving my summer plans and hopefully yours!  Check back Wednesday for the update.

See you out there.