FNGTAC Ep. 9 - A Super Episode! (literally) From Batman to Tyroc!

This episode features Vernon & Kamau geeking out on all things superhero. Superhero movies (past and future). Superhero costumes (good and bad). Sueprhero TV shows (only one good one). Kamau explains why there will never bee another good Superman movie, and then Vernon pitches how he would make a good one. (Take notes, Christopher Nolan.) They also discuss whether or not there has ever been a credible black superhero. And then they discuss whether or not there has ever been a credible African-American superhero. (They get deep even with the ridiculous.) Producer Alex adds his musical and sound wizardy to the mix. Yup, these three use their big brains to dissect one of America's greatest contributions to the world: SUPERHEROS!

Also, they briefly cover all the problems in North Africa, which Kamau attempts to make even briefer by trying to make one the most awkward segues of all-time!

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