w- kamau bell and Yakov Smirnoff together at last

Evidence of WKB working to make things happen!

TA DAAAAA! I'm gonna have to fight for my "W."

Don't see anything special? Look closer...

Yup, that is ME, W. (Obviously, I'm gonna have to fight for the W.) Kamau Bell, represented by the same agency that represents Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, The Smothers Brothers, and Don Rickles. (Amongst others.)

What does this mean? I don't exactly know yet, but I'll keep you informed.

It is at the very least some indicator that writing and producing a solo show about race and racism and making those two subjects the focus of your isn't the dumbest thing you could do despite people sometimes asking you, "Is that all you talk about?"

ANYWAY... back to hustling up work, teaching classes, and refreshing the screen to make sure my name stays on their website..

Thanks for your support!