FNGTAC Episode 14 - An Afro in Asgard- Thor, Tyler the Creator...

This episode features a looong overdue review of the movie Thor. What? You don't care what Vernon and Kamau think about the movie Thor? Well, don't worry your nappy little head, as always, they veer waaaaay off topic (or on topic depending on your perspective) and tackle the subjects that you know them for. Vernon also finally recommends some music, as he exposes Kamau to some Tyler, The Creator. This is our most EXPLICIT episode ever! Thanks, Tyler. - Has Samuel L. Jackson had the Super Soldier Serum? - How come Vernon doesn't want a black Spider-man? - Is Tyler, The Creator and his crew the NEW Wu-Tang or the anti-Wu-Tang? - How is it that in killing Osama Bin Laden that the US finds a way to be racist to Native Americans? - Kamau's big (soon to be bigger) news!

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