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I was a guest on the podcast Jordan, Jesse, go!


W. Kamau Bell

Jordan and Jesse welcome comedian W. Kamau Bell to discuss fruit picking, Salt Lake City, and more!

The Sound of Young America

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My Interview on The Sound of Young America

I met Jesse Thorn waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day when he was a student at UC Santa Cruz and he would have comics on his college radio show. He put on a few live comedy shows and I got to be on one. He is also responsible for blowing me up on the Internet one time when he reposted a blog that I had written on MySpace (Remember Myspace?) about Sarah Silverman being a racist. (Don't ask.) It even got posted on (I said, don't ask.) Well years later Jesse is now the next big thing in public radio, and I'm... basically a more focused version of what I was back then. Here's our discussion about all that. And Thanks, Jesse for putting me on the show, even though you are HUGE now.

W. Kamau Bell is a San Francisco-based comedian who soaks up politics and pop culture and filters it through a racial lens, using his irreverent thoughts and critiques as fodder for his comedy.

He's released several comedy albums, including Face Full of Flour and One Night Only. He recently ended a run of his one-man show, The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour. His television appearances include performances on Comics Unleashed and Comedy Central, and he is a co-founder of The Solo Performance Workshop.

The Sound of Young America