shirley sherrod

New Citizen Radio: Alan Grayson, Marcy Wheeler, & W. Kamau Bell

Listen to the interviews here.

Citizen Radio interviews Congressman Alan Grayson about standing up to Republicans (including describing the GOP healthcare plan as “Don’t get sick, and if you do, die quickly,”) Wall Street, party opposition – even from his fellow Democrats, and what makes him happy.

Next, blogger Marcy Wheeler AKA Emptywheel talks about the role of bloggers, and her groundbreaking article on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that forced the establishment press to acknowledge the important roles bloggers can play in journalism.

Marcy, along with many other excellent bloggers, writes at Firedoglake, so check out that site.

W. Kamau Bell returns with his segment “I’m Sorry, Black People” in which he highlights yet another injustice inflicted upon black people. This week’s subject is Shirley Sherrod.

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