rodney king

FNGTAC Pod 9.5 - Twitter me this. #CharlieSheen #BladeRunner #GeorgeLucas, #RodneyKing...

This episode is a classic FNGTAC podcast. It is pretty much the template for why the podcast exists in the first place. It's a freewheeling, off-roading, much encompassing conversation the type of which Kamau and Vernon reguarly had before the podcast began. Today begins with a few Twitter hashtags but doesn't limit itself to something as small as what is on the Internet. And this is probably (Kamau says hopefully.) the one and only FNGTAC mention of one Carlos Estevez AKA Charlie Sheen. Also...

* Vernon is tense about a possible Blade Runner remake. * They both go into detail about George Lucas and the prequels. Guess what they think. * They go into geek nirvana by deconstructing the Matrix movies. Guess which 1 of the 3 they liked the most. * They wonder if 20 years after the Rodney King beating we are gettig along any better. * Vernon busts out his adult language. Singularity anyone? * Vernon, once again, has an idea about resurrecting a classic movie franchise. Today, it's Alien.

Yup, a typical episode of sci-fi, police brutality, more sci-fi, and finally #TigerBlood.

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