don't vote for Meg Whitman

Don't set up a Google Alert for your name.

It's bad for the ego. Well, not totally bad. There have been times I have found out cool things like the review from my upstairs neighbor last week. And actually mostly it is just weird show listings that I get two weeks after the shows are over. But then there are times that I get things where people don't like me or what I do and then write blogs about it. The fun part about that is that they write them like the dude they are talking about isn't actually a real person who might end up reading the thing they wrote. I usually end up commenting on their blog. I don't do it in a threatening or an angry way. Usually I do it in a kind of "I SEE YOU" way... which is one of the only valuable things I learned from the movie Avatar. But then a couple of days ago I got Google-alerted this...

Yup, my first CD being sold on eBay and currently they are asking one penny and they haven't gotten a buyer. Now, I'm aware that I'm not Dane Cook. Nobody is more aware of the fact that my CD's aren't exactly fling off the shelf than I am... OK, maybe my wife is pretty aware of it too, since the boxes are in our closet. And my first CD is not exactly out of print or rare, so I'm not shocked that people aren't flocking to this page to get this piece of plastic... BUT COME ON!!! ONE CENT??? And NOBODY wants it? That just hurts. Let's try to get this price to a least two or three cents. And if you do win it and contact me to prove that you won it, I'll send you my NEW CD, Face Full of Flour for FREE, a pair of free tickets to a show and whatever else I can scrounge up around here. ONE CENT INDEED!