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Wyatt Cenac says I'm funny. At least that's what I'm assuming.

@MissJaiSays over at The Twitter sent me a message letting me know that a writer named Jozen Cummings said...

And then I told tweeted to Mr. Cummings*, "Thank you." And then I powered up the Googler and found the interview. Here's an excerpt...

"Well, there's also the alternative [comedy] world, and I very quickly got put into that world. There aren't a lot of minorities who get put in that world. Me, Craig Robinson, W. Kamau Bell -- there are comedians who got placed on that track..."

Pretty cool, huh? Especially since I've never met Mr. Cenac.* And while he didn't say I was funny per se, he is including me with himself and Craig "Can I have some booty?" Robinson. And since he doesn't seem to have Twitter or a personal Facebook page or an email address on his Spartan website, I'll just have to throw my thanks out into the Internet. If he Googles himself as much as I do myself, he'll get this in about 32 seconds.

Mr. Cenac just released a Comedy Central hour long special entitled Comedy Person. Check out some here.
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*I'm being all formal since Hiya Swanhuyser recently crushed me by telling me that let me know that I am a journalist.