coming to america

"Coming to America" July 10, LOL-SF Comedy Film Fest + A SHOW!

This should be cool. I was asked by to pick a comedy to be screened as a part of LOL-SF: A Celebration of Comedy Onscreen and I picked "Coming to America."... After Glengarry Glen Ross, Goodfellas, Casino, and Tombstone were all truned down as not being actual comedies... no matter how much, "I'm your huckleberry." makes me laugh. Anyway, COMING TO AMERICA!!! Get your "Soul Glo" ready. Clean the royal private parts. Prepare your argument for whether you call him "Clay" or "Ali." And laugh at Aresenio Hall liek you haven't since the early 90's.

Waiter, taste this soup.

I'll be hosting the screening of it...


July 10, 5p

The Vogue Theatre

3920 Sacramento St. (@Cherry)

San Francisco, CA

I'll introduce it, and then I'll talk about it afterward. And it's only TEN BUCKS!

AND THEN that same night at 8p, I'm doing some stand-up comedy at Stage Werx Theatre on 533 Sutter St. (at Powell), San Francisco, CA. I just booked this show yesterday, because I've been itching to do a longer set in the city for a while. It's been a while since SF saw my smiling face onstage. And I'll be sharing the stage with one of my favorite comedians, Janine Brito. Maybe some other special guests, too! I don't know, yet. I'm just figuring it out. AND THIS IS ALSO ONLY TEN BUCKS!!!

So there you go, I've planned your entire Saturday.

Not that you have to come to both... or either... but I'd love to see you at one... or the other... you get the idea.