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Field Negro Guide Episode 6 - FISHBONE!!!

This episode is a SUPA-SIZED episode all about FIIIIIIISHBONE!!! (That's how you have to say it. You'll hear me demonstrate it several times over the course of this podcast.) This is an EPIC episode for FNGTAC. I don't know when we'll do another one like this. It took weeeeeeeeeeeeeks and without our new producer Alex Thornton, it wouldn't have happened at ALLLLLLLLLLL.

We probably put too much in here, but I had no idea when - if ever - I would get a chance to be a part of something like this again. So if it overwhelms you, listen to it in parts. It's overstuffed, eager, at times repetitive, but I believe it's worth it. It was definitely made with love.

It features some thoughts on the band from us, from their fans, from Chris Metzler - co-director of the new documentary on the band called Everyday Sunshine, excerpts of the film itself, and finally you'll hear the band themsleves, founding members, Norwood Fisher and Angelo Moore.

If you are a fan of Fishbone, I know you'll dig this episode. If you do know them, but aren't a fan, I have a feeling you may change your mind. And finally if you aren't familiar with them, sit down, press play, and enjoy.

Also check out Fishbone's website and the website for Everyday Sunshine. They both may be coming to your town soon, and the film is definitely coming to your DVD player.

In conclusion, FIIIIIIIIIIIIIISHBONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I love you, Fishbone.

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This is the clip of the documentary that is in the episode.