My 1st Piece on CNN - In like a lamb out like a Twitter Troll

So Tuesday my 1st piece debuted on CNN. CNN is the home of my upcoming race and culture travel series, The United Shades of America. And since I'm not Bourdain-level famous, they're going to be sending me out in the field to help build up some steam and momentum for the show. This first piece is on the Iowa State Fair. Check it out...

Now that is one of the softest and fluffiest pieces I've ever done on TV. That ending is positively adorable. But that isn't stopping the Right Wingnuts from filling up my Twitter feed with accusations of me being racist. Most of the tweets coming from an article from Newsbusters who apparently think I'm still on Totally Biased... because apparently their Googlator is broken.

The funny thing is that I was actually worried that people would think that the piece was too soft. If this piece was racist then I can't wait to see how people take the actual show, because it goes way harder than "Ku Klux Lambs". Waaaaaaaaaay harder. On second thought. I can wait.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.28.05 PM