New shows, My mom's new book and T-Shirts

Hello Peoples,Me_and_Bruce I don’t exactly know how to wrap my head around everything going on in the world right now. Everyday thing seem to be getting worse and worse or spinning more out of control and I’m feeling combination of scared and crazy about everything. (Scrazy, anyone?) And I haven’t even mentioned Iggy Azalea. (If you don’t know who that is, don’t Google. Trust me.) And in the middle of all that me and my family (my growing family) have just packed up everything and returned to The Bay Area. (As in San Francisco Bay Area in case you were thinking Tampa.)


And as a way to try to get a handle on this big, scrazy world — and also as a way celebrate commemorate mark the occasion of my return, I am doing a residency at The Cynic Cave, a cool underground (literally) comedy space in the basement (I told you.) of Lost Weekend Video in the Mission District of San Francisco. It’s going to be every Saturday in September with shows at 6pm and 8pm. This is all for the (hopefully) reasonable price of $15! Come see me comedically wrestle with everything (including the impending birth of my second child - YIPES!) in a space that is the very definition of intimate. Don’t believe me? It only holds 35 people. Seriously. The Cynic Cave opened after I left for NYC, but whenever I came back I tried to perform there. It is one of the most fun rooms I’ve ever performed in. It feels like it would have fit in nicely during heyday of The Hungry i. Seems like the kinda place Lenny Bruce woulda been arrested. I’ll be in there trying to discover the new classics. So get your tickets now before they aren’t as easily get-able. I have a limited number of PRESALE tickets available to you directly on my site today, and then they will be on sale to the public tomorrow at 11am PT.

Fanclub ticket

LARGO SHOW, Los Angeles

For my Los Angeles people who have been asking when I’ll be back, I’ll be doing a very special show at the legendary Largo on September 23rd. You can get your tickets NOW from me. The show is $25 but TODAY ONLY I have a few for $20. Because I love you. They will be on sale for regular non-special folk tomorrow at 11am PT.

Fanclub ticket

And for the rest of you, there are more dates to come this fall/winter. Lots, lots, (gulp) lots more. Stay tuned.


And for everybody who is reading this, my mom has a new book coming out. It’s entitled, “Not All Poor People Are Black: and other things we should think more about.” If you like what I do, then you’ll LOVE my mom and her writing. Currently she is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, because she is self-publishing it by choice. My mom has had several books published by many major publishers, but she wants to do it herself like she did back in the day. (That day was the mid 80’s.) Check out her page and video, and help a 77 year old recovering academic’s dream come true. (I know she doesn’t look 77, but as they say, “Good black, don’t crack…" They being “me.”) The video features my mom, me, and a shout out from Henry Louis Gates, Jr, who in a recent email to me called my mom one of his heroes.

If each of you on this list gave just a buck we could wrap up this Kickstarter today easily, and for only $15 you get a digital copy of her new book. There are lots of other awards. Check it out, please. I know this plug has gone on awhile, but my mom is more than worth it. If you a friends with her on Facebook then you know this already. She will wade into any controversy and set all fools straight. Friend her. You’ve been warned. :-)


Oh my everything tour shirtI always wanted a concert tee of me, and now I have one! The image that Dima Djurchin created for the tour was too good to just let disappear into the ether, so now it is immortalized in cotton. Also there is another t-shirt available that some of you more intrepid watchers of me may remember. They are both 20 bucks and available...NOW! AND if you buy a ticket AND an "Oh Everything" tee together, you'll get $5 off!

And for anyone who didn't get the "More Kamau Bell" tee already - I only have a handful left and have marked them down to a mere $5 - I won't be printing anymore, so if you wanted one, go get 'em!


Also there are a couple blogs I haven’t told you about. Including one about what happened to me on Bill Maher. (Or what he attempted to do to me.) As far as what else is next for me? We shall see. I’ll let you know when I do.

Thanks for your support.

Take care.