Free Tickets to Tapings of Totally Biased in NYC + 3 Things You Can Do to Make Totally Biased a Hit!

So this is really, really happening. Tonight we tape a small test show, and then on Monday we tape a full rehearsal show and then on Thursday we go out to America, nay the World, nay the Universe, nay the Multiverse.


If you or anyone you know lives in the New York area, or will be in the New York area, here's how to get FREE audience tickets.

I really want to get as many of my people as I can into these tapings so that they feel like any other show - just one that will get me a lot more twitter-hate than normal.


There are THREE things you can do to help me make this show a hit. Try all three, or pick your favorite!

1. Tweet or Facebook this: Check out my friend @WKamauBell on @TotallyBiasedFX produced by @ChrisRock 8/9 at 11PM after @LouisCK #TotallyBiased

(If you're too cool for those social networks, feel free to email something like that to everyone you know, plus 1.)

(If you're too cool for email and the internet, like Dwayne Kennedy, HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?)

2. Host a Premiere Night Viewing Party: a lot of people that you probably know have never heard of me. Or maybe they don't have FX and can't watch the show. You can help them out and be the coolest person on your block by hosting a viewing party where you invite all of your friends and get cool prizes! Someone could bring bean dip, another person could bring the drinks...well, you can figure all of that out! Just GO HERE to sign up to host a party, and enter to win a trip to NYC to see a taping!

3. Last but not least...tune in to watch the show! Did I mention that "Totally Biased" premieres on August 9th at 11PM on FX, right after "Louie" ??

Pretty much my entire career has been a grassroots movement and I need all of you to help that grass root like never before. Is that an expression? It is now.


Here are some fun things to check out, and to also help convince your people to tune in! Watch the "Totally Biased" writers discuss what they're totally biased about:

Maddie Oatman at Mother Jones wrote an article on "Totally Biased" that you can read here.

Sheerly Avni at San Francisco Magazine also did a piece about the show that you might want to pass on to your people. Check it out here!

As always, thanks for your support. I could not do this without all of you.