Totally "Totally Biased"

Hey all,

I hope you had a very happy fourth day of July. I had the day off from work... Yeah... I have a job now. Weird. You do comedy because you don't want to work for a living and then one day if you work hard enough ANNNNNNNND you get extremely lucky you get presented with a job. I even have a flippin' office. AN OFFICE!? Well that's where I'm at. Well, literally right now I'm in Brooklyn with my wife and baby.. umm... toddler. I just thought I would take moment and send you an update because things are moving fast and furious around here... but in a good way.

Me and my crew are deep into pre-production of Totally Biased. For the record my crew of creative types is...

Nato Green, Janine Brito, Hari Kondabolu, Kevin Avery, Dwayne Kennedy, Kevin Kataoka, and Danny Vermont.

You probably recognize most of those names if you have been with me for any serious bit of time. Obviously Nato and Janine are members of Laughter Against The Machine with me. Hari was a founding member of LATM. Kevin and me have gotten into all kinds of comedy endeavors in our time together. And Kevin Kataoka was one of the more seasoned comics when I moved to the Bay Area back in the days. I've known Dwayne since like week two of my comedy career. Danny is a true veteran comedy writer who has written for many people including Bill Maher, which means I am often turning to him saying, "How did you guys do it?" I also managed to snag Alex Thornton, the producer of the Field Negro Podcast to handle the digital element. And Mr. Vernon Reid on music.

And I of course still have Chuck Sklar and Keri Smith guiding me through this process as the always have. And yes, we are getting input from Mr. Chris Rock.

Man, this better be funny. So far I think it is.

I have included a couple treats for you to see (and hear) how this is coming along. We shot a promo reel that should be hitting your screens in bits and pieces soon. And here is the ten second graphic trailer.

Also if you are interested, there is a Totally Biased Facebook page and a Totally Biased Twitter feed.

You will soon have Totally Biased coming out of you ears just like me.

Take care and tune in August 9th at 11pm.



A little something extra...

And while you are anxiously (I hope) waiting on the show, here's a clip from me at Max Fun Con in Lake Arrowhead. Enjoyerate and pass it around.