A Little Bit of Big News

As you read this, it is being announced to the press that I will have a six episode run of a late night comedy show on The FX Network. I will write it, produce it, and host it. And it will be executive produced by none other than Chris Rock. Yes, THAT Chris Rock.

You can read about it here in Laughspin Magazine.

I head to New York City today to go to the upfronts where the networks announce their upcoming schedules. No, I’ve never been to anything like this before. Yes, this is a huuuuuuge deal. I’m guessing it will be like the talk show from The Hunger Games, “Hello, my name is Kamau. I come from District 14, San Francisco. We make progressive politics, gay people, burritos the size of your head, and medical marijuana.”

Anyway, things are pretty surreal right now and sure to get more so. I’m gonna work hard to make a good show. And I’ll need your help to do it.

Thank you for all you interest and support.