Ebony and Ivory Live Together... But Off-Key

The following Facebook exchanges --- with the weird period spacing and you're/your violation --- occurred between myself and a fan... an ex-fan. In my knowledge we had never conversed before. Friday Ex-Facebook Fan User: Have to drop you from facebook . Your just not funny . Try just being a full on militant or something . Or there is , of course always welfare . Friday W. Kamau Bell: Well, we had a good run. I'll miss what we had together. Friday EFFU: Parting is such sweet sorrow my nubian prince . Friday W. Kamau Bell: Are you hitting on me? Friday EFFU: LOL Bastard . Now the laughs . Fucking black people . Friday W. Kamau Bell: Hopefully you have learned a valuable lesson. Good luck in everything you do. Friday EFFU: I have not and will never learn anything . Good luck to you as well . WHITEPOWER ! Friday W. Kamau Bell: Fair enough. Then I hope you feel that you have accomplished what you wanted and also that you got what you needed from this. Friday EFFU: I SAID GOOD DAY SIR !

And then all was quiet for 48 hours until...

Sunday EFFU: I miss you so badly . sigh