FNGTAC Podcast Episode 11ish - Producer Alex Goes Wild!

Producer Alex gets out the whupping stick and runs ramrod all over this episode. He pieces together old clips, never before heard clips and sprinkles through his own third take on things previously discussed on FNGTAC. That's right! This week Alex got the "black conch", and he proceeds to beat the boys up --- Well, mostly Vernon. --- with it. This is like an episode of your favorite late seventies/early eighties sitcom where the "power is out" and the cast spends the 30 minutes "remembering" old clips, and then they try to pass that off as a new episode! Yup. You'll get such classic (and new) moments like...* Kamau suggesting Michelle Rodriguez for Wonder Woman while Alex is horrified. * Vernon critiquing Beyonce while Alex is horrified. * Alex playing some Justin Beiber which horrified Kamau upon hearing it later. * Vernon offering up his services to produce the next Fishbone CD. (We hope they take him up on it.)

* Kamau offering up his services to produce the next Living Colour CD. (Kamau hopes they take him up on it.)

Enjoy it! YUM!

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