Ummm... I'm in the same headline as Conan O'Brien & Justin Timberlake.

This is from Comedy Central's Insider Website. I wonder if Conan and Justin find this as noteworthy as I do... Probably. May 10th 5:42PM

Before They Get Stale: Conan O'Brien, W. Kamau Bell and Justin Timberlake

Posted by: Gonzalo Cordova

Conan O'Brien visited Google headquarters and then Google and YouTube came together to present a video of the event. The internet is done because it has served its ultimate purpose. [YouTube]

There's a guy going around to TV stations pretending he is a yo-yo master when he is really actually very bad at yo-yo. So this guy is my new comedy hero. [Videogum]

Justin Theroux claims he's working on a Zoolander 2 script, so I guess that project isn't as dead as the internet thought. Either the internet is an idiot or Theroux is a liar, and only one of the two is prone to making up facts about Chuck Norris, so… [Movieline]

W. Kamau Bell is going to end racism in an hour for the soloNOVA Arts Festival. Here's a video interview with him about it. [Comic's Comic]

Some of the cuts made to this week's SNL Betty White episode were pretty strong, which just says how good that episode was on Saturday. [Pop Culture Brain]

Speaking of Saturday Night Live and things the internet really likes, Justin Timberlake is rumored to be returning to the show for another song parody. [NY Post