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Blacktastic Black History Month Blacktacular ... Black!

Date/Time:Daily from Thu., February 25 until Fri., February 26

Price: $20-$50 Contact Info: | Event Website

For Whom ...

By Hiya Swanhuyser

"Comedian" is a small term for a person who does standup, but also directs, teaches, and wields PowerPoint like a light saber. W. Kamau Bell is all that and a political commentator at his new show, Blacktastic Black History Month Blacktacular ... Black! And he must be called comedian, since we have no other word for a professionally funny person other than "funnyperson," and we don't like that one. Bell's the first person to have made a joke about Barack Obama, (according to Comedy Central), the star of several recent long-running shows, and a man we recently had the pleasure to describe as "blowing the fuck up." L.A. has noticed him, suffice to say. He's also a profligate reTweeter. A new CD, Face Full of Flour wonders "why black + white = black," among other things. Bell is known for to-the-instant topicality, so expect him to take the piss out of John Mayer and muse on liveblogging Precious, plus commentary on Black History Month, aka "awkward MacDonald’s commercials about Harriet Tubman."