Boots Riley Retweets Me & warns YOU!

Boots Riley Retweets Me & warns YOU! I did a benefit for my friend and KPFA host Nora Barrows-Friedman a couple weeks ago. And Boots Riley was on it, too. Obviously, he is a legend. This summer I spent a ton of time convincing my hard rock friends to pick up SSSC's album. So it was great to hare the stage with him. Since then he has been cool and supportive and then yesterday, pretty much out of nowhere  --- Well, I kind of butted in on a convo he was having on Twitter about writing.) --- THIS HAPPENED! And this has led to about 30 more Twitter followers so far. And a warm bubbly feeling inside of me. Boots is a hip hop legend and activist. I'm a comic. All I can say is thanks.

Oh yeah, and I can try to keep bringing it... Or start bringing it.. Or... something.