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Public Conversation with Elmwood Cafe on March 13th in Berkeley

Hey everybody, So many of you have asked me when the public conversation with the owner of the Elmwood Cafe is going to be. Well, I can finally announce that it will be next Friday, March 13th at 7pm at Willard Middle School on 2425 Stuart St, Berkeley, CA. That’s the short of it. The long of it is below in the press release. Hope to see you there. Kamau Comedian W. Kamau Bell and The Elmwood Cafe, jointly invite you to a community forum on implicit bias and microaggression… Read more

Happy Birthday! Have some racism from Elmwood Cafe!

UPDATE: My wife & I just talked to Michael Pearce, the owner of Elmwood Cafe & we’ve decided to have a public conversation about this. Details soon. Me & my wife are not calling for anyone to be fired, not asking for a boycott. We are going to have a public conversation. #SoYouCanComeToo Dear Elmwood Cafe 2900 College Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705 You don’t know me. I know that for sure now. It’s not that I would expect you to know me, although many people in the Bay Area do,… Read more

I f***ed up! Sorry, cities I won’t be coming to now.

Yesterday, I went to two birthday parties for four year olds. Two in one day. Separated by enough time to go home take a deep breath and head back out again. Now, I’m not a creep. I had an a reason to be there. I was with my 3 and a half year old daughter. I’m happy that my daughter’s social schedule is so packed. It helps validate why me and the family returned to the Bay Area. But normally I wouldn’t be at both parties. Me and my wife… Read more


W. KAMAU BELL ANNOUNCES OH, EVERYTHING! TOUR Fan Presale Starts Thursday Sept 18, 10am PT Time Tickets Onsale Friday Sept 19, 11am Local Time W. Kamau Bell announces dates for his Oh, Everything! Stand-up Comedy winter tour, which kicks off in November and runs through the end of January 2015, taking the comedian from coast to coast and everywhere in between. A fanclub presale begins today, Thursday, September 18th at 10am PT time www.wkamaubell.com. General public presale starts tomorrow, Friday September 19th at 11am local time. VIP Packages are also… Read more

Robin Williams 1951-2014

I was having one of those great stand-up comedy nights. And this was about four years ago, when I didn’t have that many great stand-up comedy nights. At that point I was a San Francisco comedian whose options were not necessarily running out but they were limited. So I was happy knowing that going in it was gong to be a great night. I was already scheduled that night to feature for Bill Burr at Cobb’s Comedy Club in SF. This was at the point that Bill was really taking… Read more

Shows Added in Tempe & San Diego + NEW Uppity Tee + My Mom’s Book!

Hello Peoples! I know you just heard from me a week ago, but now that I’m back in the Bay Area for good (READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE.) and we’ve found a new home… and a new pre-school… and a new mid-wife… and most excitingly… A NEW TRADER JOES(!) I’m ready to get back to work! Last week, I told you about my residency in San Francisco at The Cynic Cave (It’s almost sold out). I also told you about my return to Largo in Los Angeles. (Get your tickets… Read more

Paul George’s Leg Broke For No Good Reason

"And that's why I kept my half-black ass at home." – Blake Griffin — W. Kamau Bell (@wkamaubell) August 2, 2014 That was a tweet I sent out yesterday shortly after hearing the news about Paul George’s horrific injury at a scrimmage in preparation for the World Cup of Basketball. I’m using the word horrific because that is the word that was used in the Deadspin article about his injury. Now at first I thought, “Oh boy. Here comes another sensationalistic, click bait-alistic Internet headline.” And then I clicked on… Read more

New shows, My mom’s new book and T-Shirts

Hello Peoples, I don’t exactly know how to wrap my head around everything going on in the world right now. Everyday thing seem to be getting worse and worse or spinning more out of control and I’m feeling combination of scared and crazy about everything. (Scrazy, anyone?) And I haven’t even mentioned Iggy Azalea. (If you don’t know who that is, don’t Google. Trust me.) And in the middle of all that me and my family (my growing family) have just packed up everything and returned to The Bay Area…. Read more

SF Bay Area, so… umm… I’m back. ‘Zat cool?

So I live in the Bay Area now (again). Yup. after two-ish years of living in New York City, we are back. I say “we” because the main reason I moved back is because we, as a family, knew it was best for us. My wife is very pregnant with our second child, a daughter. (YAY! Maybe some of the credits I earned from my first daughter will transfer over!) And our O.D. (Original Daughter) is now three years old, which means it’s time for school to begin. The kind… Read more