the awkward thoughts of w. kamau bell

The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell is a humorous, well-informed take on the world today, tackling a wide range of issues, such as race relations; fatherhood; the state of law enforcement today; comedians and superheroes; right-wing politics; left-wing politics; failure; his interracial marriage; white men; his up-bringing by very strong-willed, race-conscious, yet ideologically-opposite parents; his early days struggling to find his comedic voice, then his later days struggling to find his comedic voice; why he never seemed to fit in with the Black comedy scene . . . or the white comedy scene; how he was a Black nerd way before that became a thing; how it took his wife and an East Bay lesbian to teach him that racism and sexism often walk hand in hand; and much, much more.

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Semi-Prominent Negro

In his 2016 comedy special, socio-political comedian W. Kamau Bell brings his characteristically biting and hilarious take on the real issues of contemporary America from gentrification to raising his family in a post-Obama nation.


Say It To My Tshirt

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Face full of flour

In this 2010 comedy album, W. Kamau Bell tackles everything from Glen Beck to Barack Obama; marijuana to slavery; and, yes, Tyler Perry as well. Bell stands on the shoulders of such legendary political comedians as Richard Pryor, George Carlin, and Paul Mooney, but delivers laughs and insight through his own unique voice and likable humor.