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Comments & Reviews:

“Happily, Bell finds comic gold in the wide range of material he mines, offering provocative insights into an ugly reality. FOUR STARS”
Time Out New York

“Bell’s solo show is daring, insightful, challenging, sometimes interactive, up-to-the-minute—and did I mention hilarious?”

“Tall, dark, and hilarious”

“The personable, quick comic skewers racism, stereotypes and an assortment of iconic taboos with provocative wit. FOUR STARS!”
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Don’t Miss: The W. Kamau Bell Curve!”
The San Francisco Chronicle

“Bell’s reflections on the recent election and Proposition 8, among other race-inflected personal and political matters still closer to home, are topical, to say the least, and run considerably deeper than the usual one-liners or simplistic oppositions of much race-based comedy. RECOMMENDED!”
The San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Smart, stylish, and very much in the mold of politically outspoken comedians like Dave Chappelle and Margaret Cho, Bell’s pissed off about recent celebrity racism… Bell manages to make jokes out of the whole situation, while remaining completely furious.”
The San Francisco Weekly

“By making no subject off limits, keeping no discrimination too taboo, and leaving no room for self-denial, Kamau’s Bell Curve is not only a powerful comedic performance but an outlet for a necessary dialogue.”
— Flavorpill.com

“Brutally honest without being a dick about it. RECOMMENDED”
East Bay Express


Race to Fame
W. Kamau Bell has built a career on examining the messy intersections of race and class in a supposedly postracial world.
The San Francisco Weekly

Racy From a Racy Angle
Newest Iteration of The W. Kamau Bell Curve comes to La Pena Cultural Center
— East Bay Express

Comedian Tries to End Racism in About an Hour
W. Kamau Bell’s solo performance aims to preach to the alerted.
East Bay Express

Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival
What’s black and white and will be forever?
The Aspen Times

“The W. Kamau Bell Curve”
The Berkeley Daily Planet