The New York Times calls W. Kamau Bell “the most promising new talent in political comedy in many years.” And now, Kamau is teaming up with KALW (91.7FM), San Francisco's local public radio station, to create KAMAU RIGHT NOW! a live radio and social media event that will transform the political and cultural conversation of the moment into what Kamau calls “a three-ring circus of relevance.” As he and his guests try to figure out what is going on right now, there will be provocative conversation. There will be respectful debates. There will be much laughter (and probably a few hugs, too). 

The show is live from the Bay Area on the third Thursday of each month, and you can listen to it in podcast form, too!

To get tickets and to tune in to upcoming shows, visit this page.

Up-to-the-minute details on who the special guests will be, and other news, are most available via Twitter and Facebook. Check there with all your questions!